It’s time to take your blindfold off…

Let’s take a time machine back to 2005…

You’re applying for life insurance. You just walked into a retail branch of your insurance carrier for your appointment. The branch manager approaches with a stack of papers and you begin filling out the application.

If you were confused, they were there to help you.

If you were highly engaged and motivated, they might cross-sell you a disability product.

If you pulled out a piece of paper from your pocket and started copying information, they would (hopefully) know to further qualify you.

That employee was trained to interpret behavioral cues and react to how you were acting.

It was a lot easier to determine what your intent was in a face-to-face setting…

TODAY…with a majority of products being sold through online applications, companies have completely lost the ability to read their customer’s behavioral cues.

If a customer is confused, they will likely exit the application.

If a customer is highly engaged, businesses will never know.

If a customer or agent is copying answers from an Excel sheet, businesses will be completely blind to those actions.

This sort of behavior happens every day online, so why are businesses still acting like their customers are sitting right in front of them?

Making decisions based off of ‘final answer data’ alone simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

That’s why we built ForMotiv.

ForMotiv’s “Digital Polygraph” measures users online behavioral signals and predicts, in real-time, what their true intent is. This gives businesses their eyes and ears back and allows them to finally make decisions as if the applicant was sitting right in front of them.


How It Works

ForMotiv measures thousands of behavioral cues while users are engaged within your online application or form. By analyzing typing speed, corrections, mouse movements, copy/paste, idle time, and dozens of other signals, our proprietary machine learning algorithm correlates user behavior to outcomes, allowing us to predict, in real-time, what each user’s intent is.

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Predictive Risk Detection

The stakes are high when identifying a fraudster from an authentic customer. 63% of customers would consider no longer doing business with a financial institution or retailer if they were declined when applying for credit according to a 2017 report. The only way to meet end-user expectations is by delivering fast, secure, painless applications  leveraging behavioral biometrics. Behavioral biometrics is the measurement of uniquely identifying human behavior patterns that focus on how information is provided as opposed to what information is provided, representing a breakthrough in determining digital identity and intent.

As users begin engaging with your digital application, Formotiv’s Predictive Risk Detection solution passively collects and analyzes the user’s behavioral signals to create a continuous risk score. Combining behavioral biometrics with our patent pending machine learning capabilities, Formotiv passes a real-time risk score that predicts malicious or high-risk outcomes before the end-user presses submit. In the digital era where enterprises are forced to sacrifice customer experience for extra security steps, Formotiv’s Predictive Risk Detection solution provides the actionable insight needed to detect fraud, eliminate false positives, and remove unnecessary friction.

Application Health Score

Understanding how users behave on your website is critical to optimizing your digital strategy. In order to truly understand the aggregate level health of your digital applications, you need data-driven objective insights. Formotiv’s Application Health solution detects application bottlenecks, makes explanation based recommendations for improvement, and automatically measures the changes over time.

Through continuous measurement and optimization, our application health solution reduces form friction and increases conversion rates.

behavior analytics
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Real-time Behavioral Tracking

While learning where users abandon is important, Formotiv’s dataset measures user intent in real-time. This allows our customers to predict when users are confused or likely to abandon and adjust their customer experience accordingly at the individual user level to help convert more prospects.

All users are not all the same. Some users breeze through your application with no trouble at all. Others get stuck. Being able to capture and measure individual behavioral signals means that your customer experience doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all. Our platform will distinguish those users that experience pain or signs of abandonment and offer contextual help to pull them through the process – all while not getting in the way of those displaying healthy behaviors.

A.I. Driven Customer Experience

While detecting and eliminating application bottlenecks and pain-points is critical to optimizing your digital strategy, Formotiv adds the benefit of measuring user intent in real-time. Our solution predicts when users are confused or likely to abandon and signals to our customers as it is happening. Using our lightweight integration approach, customers will modify their experience according to the end-user’s behavioral signals in order to convert them to a profitable customer.

Formotiv’s solution normalizes and models user behavior over time and our AI-powered recommendation engine offers objective CX recommendations to ensure high-quality conversions, every time.


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