Measure Behavior. Predict Intent.

Formotiv uses Machine Learning and Predictive Behavioral Analytics to analyze thousands of data points in real-time to determine who is behind the screen and what is their true motive.

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The Formotiv Platform

Formotiv is a cloud-based AI and machine learning platform focused on the manner in which users engage inside of a web or mobile application. We measure thousands of behavioral parameters to detect end-user intent before they submit. Formotiv’s “Digital Polygraph” establishes a baseline of normal behavior and alerts customers, in real-time, to any deviations from the norm. 

Armed with these unique behavioral insights, enterprises can finally deliver on their digital transformation promises with warm, personalized user experiences tailored to the individual. Leading financial services, insurance, and service providers rely on Formotiv’s Predictive Risk Detection and AI-Driven CX Engine to streamline profitable conversions at scale.

Our solution integrates with your existing technology, requires no Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and is transparent to the end-user. The Formotiv platform can be deployed in both direct-to-consumer applications and employee workflows.

Predictive Risk Detection

Fraud costs businesses over $3.5 trillion per year. Formotiv’s technology helps predict malicious or high-risk users in real-time allowing customers to further qualify users or reject them all together.

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Real-Time Behavioral Tracking

While learning where users abandon is important, Formotiv’s dataset measures user intent in real-time. This allows our customers to predict when users are confused or likely to abandon and adjust their customer experience accordingly at the individual user level to help convert more prospects.

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Application Health Score

Understanding how users behave on your website is critical to your digital strategy. Formotiv helps you understand application bottlenecks, areas for improvement, and real-time measurement of changes over time.

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A.I. Driven Customer Experience

Formotiv’s patent-pending technology leverages artificial intelligence to make recommendations on how your application should change to improve conversion rates and further qualify your prospects if there are behavioral signs of risk.

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